How to fill Tiki Torches.

By Bai Xiao Hu

A beautiful rendition of the elusive Hu during the ritual of the Tiki filling.

Put on your rubber gloves provided by Tavis.

Grab a 5 gallon tank of Kerosene and the filling bottle and funnel.

For an organized fill, start with the torches outside of camp, then fill the torches inside the common area, then fill in the torches amongst the tents. If you feel like filling torches in no particular order, that's fine too... start with the one that is calling to you.

To fill a torch:

Unscrew the top cap and while holding onto both the cap and wick with your forefinger and thumb, gently pull the wick out. If you do not grab the wick, it may fall back into the can. If the wick does fall into the can, go to the torch storage area and pick out a new wick.

Lay the wick across the top of the can so that it hangs over both edges. This prevents it from getting dirty and it places it out of your way.

Using the filling bottle and funnel, fill the torch two thirds to three fourths of the way full. If you fill the can too much, the wick will cause the fuel to overflow when it is replaced.

Replace the wick by gently twisting the bottom of the wick so that it slides easily into the can. Make sure that the wick does not bunch up and hang out from underneath the cap. This will cause flame to jet out the sides and make the Security and Fire Marshals nervous. So do lonely goats and Raggle Snax, but thereís not much we can do about that.

If fuel does spill over, tighten the cap and then blow briskly across the can to knock the fuel into the air and onto the ground. Donít worry itís a fossil fuel and will naturally break down. 

Do this for each tiki torch, then wait until dusk.

Lighting the Torches.

This is the fun part. Thereís nothing like bringing the soft glow of torches into the camp, unless of course itís the soft glow of an overly large pallet and/or bed frame.

You can either start the torches by yourself and bring light to the camp, or grab a few of your fellow clanners and move about like wood sprites lighting each torch and bringing light to the camp. Light the torches on the street first to let your neighbors know that you are illuminating their world.